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Online Grading Book

We have a new online grade book! As Engrade is no longer available, we are working on entering info into the MyEd system. Thank you for your patience with this. We will provide parent training sessions if needed. If you need more info, please see the parent email or contact a school staff member.

Last Day

Plans for Tuesday remain the same for PCS. Shuttle bus will run in the morning and school will be until noon. Students will be having fun together, saying goodbye, and gathering their belongings for the summer. There will be no shuttle bus at noon. If your child has belongings at school and you are not able to arrange transportation for them, please let us know so their things do not get misplaced in the final year cleaning. See you tomorrow!

Update for Today

SD59 has cancelled their busses for today. Our normal protocol is to cancel school when there are no busses for the cold. However, with the heat, school is safer than home for many and we have a plan to mitigate heat/risks while on our bus ride back from the lake. So we will be going ahead with our field trip as planned. Our shuttle bus is running and will bring students back to the regular drop-off after school today, however we prefer if you pick your child(ren) up at school if you are able.

Field Trip ~ Heat ~ Last Day

Hello Families,

In light of the extreme heat for the last two days of school, we are making a few changes:

1. Our field trip to Moberly Lake will be from the start of school until 11:30am and all students will be going to Moberly Lake Provincial Park. These changes are primarily to reduce the length of time students will be on the bus during high heat hours. Lunch will be served at school and we will have activities in the afternoon, likely by the creek or in the gym which will be cooler areas.

For our lake time, it is important that your child(ren) brings:
– a water bottle
– sunscreen and/or hat
– swimsuit/clothes for water

A hopefully still cool bottle of water will be provided for each student for the ride back to the school.

2. Dr. Choi, Medical Health Officer of Vancouver Coastal Health, released a statement "At this time, the risks from extreme heat exceed the risks from COVID-19. While the Extreme Heat Alert is in place, access to cool spaces should not be restricted due to concerns about crowding and physical distancing, and mask recommendations should be loosened if necessary due to difficulty breathing/thermal regulation."
With this in mind, we will not be requiring masks for the last two days of school in our building or on our bus. Our two cohorts (K-Gr 6 & Gr 7-12) may also be in the gymnasium together as that is our most cool space.

If you are not comfortable with these changes, we respect your decision and will understand if you choose to keep your child(ren) home or drive them to/from school or the lake.

Reminder: our last day is this Tuesday and school will be done at noon. There will not be bus transportation to town so please arrange to pick up your child(ren) and their belongings at school. Report cards will also be handed out on Tuesday.

If your family needs a place to stay cool outside of school hours this week, please let us know and we may be able to create a space for you to hang out in our gymnasium for a while.

It’s been a year full of changes and this is one more to add to the list 🙂 Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Atherton

K-Gr 6 Awards Ceremony & Freezies

Tomorrow, Thursday June 24th is our K-Gr 6 awards ceremony at 1:15 pm. Ways to watch:

– Live via Facebook

– Live via Zoom link which will be emailed to parents tomorrow morning

– After the event via the Facebook video

We look forward to celebrating our elementary students’ achievements.

Also tomorrow, freezies will be sold for $1.00 each, in addition to vending machine snacks.

Awards Monday & Thursday

Tomorrow, Monday, is our Grade 7-12 awards ceremony, as well as special recognition of our graduates. We will be starting at 1:15 pm. Ways to watch:

– Live via Facebook

– Live via Zoom link which will be emailed to parents tomorrow morning
– After the event via the Facebook video

We look forward to celebrating our students’ achievements tomorrow.

K-Gr 6 awards will be Thursday at 1:15 pm and we plan for the same methods to participate.

Matching Fund & Last Days

We are grateful to each person and family who contributed to our $25,000 goal for the 5:1 matching fund. We have achieved our goal and are thankful for this $150,000 that will go toward our operations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Two and a bit weeks are left of school and due to Covid, our year end events are a little different this year. Please take note of the following items on our calendar:

Mon June 21 at 1:15 pmGr 7-12 Awards and Grad Recognition. This will be livestreamed for families to watch during the event or later viewing.

Tue June 22 – Fri June 25 – Gr 10-12 please see calendar for class and exam schedule.

Wed June 23 – No hot lunch

Thu June 24 at 1:15 pmK-Gr 6 Awards. This will also be livestreamed for families to watch during the event or later viewing.

Mon June 28 – Field trip to Moberly Lake. This will replace our traditional sports day and lunch will be provided to all students by our Parent Committee.

Tue June 29 – Report cards handed out. School dismisses at noon. There will be no shuttle bus to town at lunch so please plan to pick your child(ren) up at the school at noon.

Flag at Half Mast

Dear Families,

Our flag is at half mast to honour those who suffered trauma and harm at the former residential school in Kamloops, and their families and communities who are mourning. The recent discovery of the remains of 215 children is a grim reminder of the trauma of the residential school system and the impacts that remain in our province today. To show respect and in memorial, we encourage our staff and students to wear orange this week.
Remains found at Kamloops residential school ‘not an isolated incident,’ Indigenous experts and leaders warn | CBC News

"One of the most painful tasks of Canada’s seven-year Truth and Reconciliation Commission was an attempt to quantify the sheer number of Indigenous children who died at an Indian Residential School. The commission ultimately determined that at least 3,200 children died while a student at a Residential School; one in every 50 students enrolled during the program’s nearly 120-year existence. That’s a death rate comparable to the number of Canadian POWs who died in the custody of Nazi Germany during the Second World War."
Why so many children died at Indian Residential Schools | National Post

As a school community, our heart breaks over the injustice and wrongs done to our Indigenous brothers and sisters. It is our goal to portray Canadian history accurately in our classrooms, humbly acknowledge historical wrongs done and understand and attempt to mitigate the ones that persist today. We wish to support our students and families who are deeply impacted by this story and ask that those needing assistance reach out to us. There is also a National Indian Residential School Crisis Line to provide support for former students and those affected. Emotional and crisis referral services can be accessed by calling the 24-hour national crisis line: 1-866-925-4419.

With respect,
Kristin Atherton

Pitch In 2021

Serving our community is an important part of our school culture. We encourage all our students to participate with us for Pitch In 2021. We will be picking up garbage this coming Tuesday, June 1.

K-Gr 2 will be on our school grounds
Gr 3-4 will be in the Dokie Subdivision
Gr 5-12 will be on Hwy 97 between the school and town

Please ensure each student has appropriate footwear (there will be wet sections along the highway), clothing and sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses). Gloves and safety vests will be provided.

Parent assistance for Gr 3 and higher would be helpful so please let a teacher or staff member know if you are able to participate along with us.

Extra encouragement to participate will be house team points for each student participating, as well as a freezie treat at the end.

Have a great weekend!

Support Resource

On May 7, 2021, the Province of BC announced the launch of the Foundry BC app, which offers young people aged 12 to 24 and their caregivers access to integrated health and wellness services. Visit the Foundry Virtual BC web page to download the app or to access the web portal online. You can then drop-in or schedule a virtual counselling appointment, find peer support, join a youth group or caregiver group or browse the library of tools and resources.