Hello Parents,

It’s the last official day of spring break and so we wanted to give you a quick update on where we are at for next week.

A big thank you to the many of you who filled out our survey. If you have not yet had a chance, please do so here: https://forms.gle/BqppG2fr3B7H1rZ29. The information is helping us make plans as a school, as individual classes, and for you as a family.

On Monday, our teachers are going back to work full-time to adjust their plans and finalize how we will deliver educational opportunity to your students. We are committed to providing education for your children and meeting their needs, in spite of everything that is happening around us. We are working on catering to the unique needs of each family to make the best of this situation for everyone.

For students and families next week, we are planning to schedule a time to pick up your child(ren)’s belongings and some educational materials. You will receive direct communication from us on when. For our high school students, next week may also include an introduction on how to communicate with a class online using Zoom and/or Google Classroom. We plan to have more details figured out to start a focus on education for the week of Apr 6.

As information comes from the government, we are adjusting our plans as necessary. The Ministry of Education has given answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, which you may find helpful. You can find it here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/education/administration/kindergarten-to-grade-12/safe-caring-orderly/bc-ministry-of-education-questions-and-answers-continuity-of-learning-k-12-education_system.pdf.

If there are other things we can help you with, please let us know. Best methods are to send us an email or call (phones will be answered during school hours next week).

Courage to each one of you!


Continuing Student Education

Hello Parents,

We hope you are as well as can be in this time of uncertainty. I personally am trying to focus on the things I can be grateful for and am appreciating the beautiful sunshine streaming in the windows today. This is a time of change and we want you to know we are here to support you and your family, and to continue to support your children in their education as we go forward after spring break.

We want to reach out and give you an update from PCS. We are planning for continued learning for our students. Our teachers have taken time this week to do some training and participate in a staff meeting. We are continuing to connect with each other and work together as a team.

In order to do our best to meet the needs of each student, there is some information that would be helpful. If you would please complete the following short survey as soon as possible (less than 3 minutes), we would appreciate it!


Many of you will likely hear from a teacher during the next week as we continue our planning and begin to get started on what continued learning looks like. We will continue to follow government direction as it comes and communicate with you as plans come together.

Our staff are here to support you so please reach out if you have concerns, worries, or things we may be able to help you address.

Thank you for your patience as we figure out the details on how to best assist each student in his or her learning.

Praying for you and your family!


Next Steps

Dear PCS Families,

It’s nice when Spring Break has weather that cooperates to make it feel more like spring. It has been a challenging week for all of us in this very new and quickly changing situation. We wanted to provide you with an idea of what we know about "school" at this point, and give you some insight about our plan moving forward. This plan is likely to continue to evolve as time goes on, but this is where we are at this point:

  • Our educational partners have been actively engaged with the Ministry of Education this week to build strategies around how education will be offered for our students for the remainder of the school year. At this time, it will not occur at school until further notice. It is of utmost importance to remember that while the school facility has to be closed right now,the process of learning will continue. We have a good network of support in our local school staff, our BC Office of Education, the Federation of Independent Schools, the Ministry of Education, and in you, as our PCS families. There are many people working collaborately together to bring us through this situation.
  • Our PCS teachers will be receiving training early next week for online platforms for delivery of instruction. We will meet as a staff after that training has occurred to explore the degree we feel it will work in/for our PCS community.
  • We will continue to be responsible for providing meaningful learning opportunities for our students. We welcome your feedback on how that would work for you, and how well it is working for you and your child as time goes along.
  • Our students will continue to explore and learn through various means.
  • We will continue to provide assessment and feedback on student achievement.

At this point, we are planning on delivering some form of instruction to our students beginning April 6. We will have more specific plans after we meet as a teaching staff.

This is a new experience for us all. Your cooperation and feedback will be a valuable asset toward achieving the goal of ensuring our kids continue to learn, grow and feel secure.

Thank you for your calm engagement in this time of uncertainty. We really are all in this together – even if it involves some "Social Distancing".

Our prayer is that all of our PCS Families stay healthy over the coming weeks.

Moving forward,


Giving Update


Together we raised $739.40 for the Uganda family and school project. Thank you to the K/Gr 1 class who gave out a challenge to exceed their donations. Most of the classes succeeded in meeting the challenge. A special thank you to a few key students and families who made our total this significant.

Merry Christmas!

Challenge from K/Gr 1

Hello Parents,

Our K/Gr 1 class raised over $40 for the students and their families of the Batwa people in Uganda. They are encouraging our other classes to raise more than them. This challenge is open until tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 26. If every child brings $2-$3 (or more!), other classes have a great opportunity to be victorious. Thank you for encouraging your child to participate in this Christmas giving project.


Christmas Giving Project

Dear Family,

Every Christmas, we like to encourage our students (and families) to share the Christmas spirit of giving to those who have much less than we do. This year, we have chosen a project in Uganda for our focus. A group of young p eople from BC, organized by our school authority, is going to Uganda to help a school and improve conditions for students of the Batwa people. A pamphlet with more details is attached and will be coming home to you. Donations are tax deductible and receipts will be issued for amounts of twenty dollars or more. All funds collected for this will be applied directly to the project. Please consider helping these people.

For logistical reasons, we are only collecting monetary donations for this project. Donations must be brought to the school by Nov 21. In addition to the Uganda project, there are a few classes taking part in the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, so your child may also have information regarding that project.

Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping students around the world to have an opportunity to read.

Kristin Atherton


Online Grading Book

We have a new online grade book! As Engrade is no longer available, we are working on entering info into the MyEd system. Thank you for your patience with this. We will provide parent training sessions if needed. If you need more info, please see the parent email or contact a school staff member.


Thank you to all parents for filling out the communication survey at the beginning of the year. Results have been discussed and plans are starting to be put in place. We won’t be able to meet everyone’s preference but we hope to continue to improve. We have a new fb page and you may like to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @pcschetwynd