Our Mission & Vision*

Peace Christian School provides a Christ-centered learning environment focused on the whole child.

We have developed the following objectives to support our mission statement:

  1. To guide the student into experiencing a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. To acquaint the student with the great themes of the Bible in context with eternity.
  3. To make the student aware that God is personally interested in the things of everyday life.
  4. For the student to develop the ideals of honesty, integrity, purity, dependability, neatness, and punctuality.
  5. For the student, to develop the ideals of self-respect and respect for others.
  6. To have the student develop a sense of responsibility for his/her own behaviour.
  7. To bring the student to commit himself to service for God and to his fellow man.
  8. To strengthen the intellect so that the student becomes a thinker, not just a reflector of other’s thoughts.
  9. To help the student develop academic achievement according to his or her abilities and to place high value on academic excellence.
  10. To help the student become aware of the importance of maintaining a cooperative attitude toward others.


See Our Program page for information regarding our academic program and the various programming activities offered.

Who Is Eligible

See our Registration & Costs page for information regarding who should apply for admission, as well as the cost and logistics to do so.

*A committee is currently reviewing our mission and vision for updates in 2021.  Check back for a renewed version soon 🙂