Now accepting registration for any child turning 5 by the end of December!  Call, email, or message us and we can arrange a visit to learn more about our program and how we are helping learners grow.  



Our Kindergarten program focusses on hands-on learning with centers, games, and activities to promote learning goals outlined in the BC Curriculum.  We provide a strong start to the beginning of the elementary learning experience with the introduction of sounds, letters, numbers, social skills, physical activity, health, and so much more. 

Students in this class are building the foundation for learning for the rest of their school experience.  Our experienced teacher has years of experience to help understand how children learn and develop and finding ways to help them be the best person they can be.  She is supported by an educational assistant to ensure each child receives a lot of teacher-student time and attention.


Our Grade 1 through Grade 6 students are in a home room classroom with one primary teacher for most of their learning time. Our teaching plans focus on the standard BC curriculum, with the addition of Bible class, and a focus on character building throughout the daily lessons. Science is also taught from a creationist perspective. Lessons are engaging with high expectations and a high level of support to reach those expectations. Activities and assignments are planned to be completed in class, with the occasional need to complete unfinished work at home.

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s education by taking an interest in their day to day work as well as assisting them in preparation for quizzes and tests. A few minutes per day can make a huge difference in your child’s educational experience. We encourage parents to read to their children and have their children read to them on a regular basis. Basic math drills at home (multiplication tables) will also greatly benefit the student.

Additional Supports

To provide a variety of learning opportunities and to support students in various areas, we appreciate the time and expertise of people in several other areas, including our chaplain, reading support, and others as needed.

Whole Person


Mrs. Astleford is a trained musician and teacher and we are thankful to have her leading our students in music class. Under her direction, our elementary choir performs at both at school and in town for special occasions such as the community Christmas parade. Students learn basic musical skills, as well as performance skills.


Skills for several sports are taught as part of our physical education program. These include sports such as soccer, floor hockey, badminton, flag football, etc. We typically also offer both skating and swimming. A skating rink is built on our property for the winter months with volunteer time.  Notice is sent home about skate days/times for various grades.  A set of swimming lessons are also usually offered each spring.  We bus our students to the Chetwynd Leisure Pool and the instructors there teach our students basic swimming skills.  This program requires a small additional cost for our parents.

For upper elementary students, there may also be the opportunity to participate in after school sports activities with flag football and soccer. PCS participates in an inter-school sporting association called CASA (Canadian Adventist Sporting Association). This is a wonderful opportunity for students from a variety of schools to get to know one another in an environment of fun and sportsmanship.