PCS has an amazing Parent Committee (PC)! All parents are encouraged to join in and become a part of this dynamic group. This group meets 3-4 times a year, with the AGM in September.

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Meeting Minutes

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Mission Statement

  • Facilitate unity between students/staff/parents/school board
  • Enhance the school program & facility
  • Provide support to teachers
  • Promote community awareness of PCS


The PC provides an avenue through which parent support can be channelled where needed, further benefiting the school program. This is accomplished through physical support with special projects, field trips, upkeep, and extra curricular events (sport tournaments, adventure races, Sports Day, drama, garbage pick-up).


The PC plays an important role in fundraising efforts as well. Many hands make the task lighter for all. We rely on parents making this investment in their child’s education. PCS and its students benefit significantly from fundraising by this group to help our program be successful. Parents and students play an integral part in all fundraising efforts at PCS.

In house fundraising: Hotlunch/Milk

Organized fundraising (depending on year): Firewood, bottle drives, Mom’s Pantry food sales, garage sales, chocolates

Other Fundraising: FundScrip – a gift card program that pays a percentage back to the PC, which we have designated for the capital project paying for the new gymnasium.

School Spirit

The PC also keeps the school spirit alive and well with opportunities to purchase school t-shirts and hoodies. An order is placed at the beginning of each school year. The last Friday of each month is designated as “School Spirit Day”, which gives students and staff the chance to wear their school colors.

Together we can create a positive school experience for our children!!