We offer a high school program that is fully accredited and has all the classes needed for entry into post-secondary programs for trades or professional track. Our teachers are skilled in the areas they teach and provide strong academic rigor to push students to their full capability.

Preparation for Life After High School


Our high school program at PCS offers all the necessary courses to be accepted into professional programs at colleges and universities in BC, be it medical, engineering, education, business, law, or others. We provide the upper level math, science, socials, and English classes necessary to learn the content and develop the skills to be successful in these programs, such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Pre-Calculus, History, and Law Studies. Some of these classes will be provided in alternating years to give students access during one of their two last years of high school.


The need for skilled tradespeople in BC is increasing and there are many employment opportunities available. This is a great focus for many students in our community.

Our philosophy is to prepare students for a job in the trades, while still having them complete a full schedule of regular academic classes. This is to keep options open for them as a choosing a lifelong path at the age of fifteen, sixteen or seventeen often means a change down the road. Most Canadians will hold several different jobs over their lifetime and likely more than one career so we want our students to be able to shift to another job or career without necessarily having to pay to upgrade high school classes.

To support students who desire to enter the trades, we offer the Workplace Mathematics track, starting in Grade 10. We also offer hands-on elective classes such as Woodworking and Automotive Technology.


To keep learning interesting and engaging, we offer several elective courses each year for our students to participate in. We tailor the classes offered each year to our student interests and skilled teaching availability. Some of the regular ones in the rotation are:

  • Active Living
  • Art Studio
  • Automotive Technology
  • Drama
  • Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  • Food Studies
  • Media Design
  • Outdoor Education
  • Woodworking

Parent Involvement

As students start to reach higher grades, the amount of time needed for academic growth increases. Usually, this means more time spent on school work outside of class times. For most grades, we also integrate a study block into the weekly schedule so that students have extra time to work on assignments during school hours.

We encourage parents to stay aware of their student’s academics through the transition to upper high school. Reading together as a family, taking an interest in their daily work, and helping prepare for quizzes and tests all improve a student’s performance at school. Access to your child’s grades in MyEd is provided and regular review by parents can provide awareness and opportunity for conversation.



Spiritual and moral values are taught through dramatic presentations, while learning acting and presentation skills. Typically the drama presentations are done for our student body during chapel services or our Point of Worship services on Friday evenings.


Individual Sports

PCS has an active mountain bike club that meets weekly during the spring and fall. Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come out and ride, though the youngest may need adult accompaniment.

The Ghost Mountain Grunt is a 10 km walk/run event held in September during the beautiful fall colours. This is open to participation by community members and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and be healthy all in one.

Team Sports

Extra-curricular team sport options typically include volleyball, flag football, basketball and soccer. Participation in these often require attending after school practices once or twice a week.

PCS participates in an inter-school sporting association called CASA (Canadian Adventist Sporting Association). This is a wonderful opportunity for students from a variety of schools to get to know one another in an environment of fun and sportsmanship. Youth oriented activities round out a busy and exciting long weekend. Although all students are encouraged to participate, this program is optional and students need to be in sound academic standing to attend tournaments.


Every few years, PCS offers a mission trip experience for students in grades 9 – 12 who have sufficient academic standing. These trips combine exploring another culture with service and leadership. Interested students should speak with the pastor or principal and as information regarding a trip is available, it will be shared with interested students and their families.