Academic Program

Peace Christian School follows the British Columbia government curriculum. Texts supporting curriculum are approved by the BC government. All teaching staff are fully trained, certified and committed to providing an integrated learning environment.

The Government of British Columbia has developed a fine system of schools to make law-abiding citizens. We promote that Christianity applied to a person’s life, further enhances that experience.

Worship and prayer are held in the classrooms at the beginning of each school day. Each day is also closed with prayer. Part of the required curriculum is a systematic study of the Bible. Pastor Erroll also conducts worship talks on a regular basis. Students are expected to have a reverent attitude towards all religious activities. Christianity is the central theme throughout the educational experience at Peace Christian School. The philosophy of PCS is a reflection of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe that the purpose of Education is to bring man into harmony with his Creator.

Promotion is based on a pupil’s readiness for the next grade. We believe it is not in the best interest of the student to be placed in a grade level where it is almost impossible for the child to be successful. We also feel that it is important for parents to be an integral part of this process and promote an open dialogue with teaching staff.

As students reach the upper grades, homework will increase. Parents are encouraged to read to their children and have their children read to them on a regular basis. Basic math drills at home (multiplication tables) will greatly benefit the student in mathematics.

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s education by taking an interest in their day to day work as well as assisting them in preparation for exams and quizzes. A few minutes per day can make a huge difference in your child’s educational experience.

Program Opportunities

Community Involvement

Throughout the school year, students of Peace Christian School reach out to the community of Chetwynd.

PCS Choir performs in the community on special occasions. December brings Christmas hampers and PCS students join in with the Santa Claus Project to assist in filling hampers for needy families in our community.

Through Service Class, students are encouraged to help the community at large by picking up garbage, doing recycling duty, helping seniors with yard work and shovelling driveways for those who are snowed in. Parents need to be aware that these activities will sometimes require the students to leave the school grounds under staff supervision.



As part of our regular school day, we typically offer both a skating and a swimming program for our elementary students.  A skating rink is built on our property for the winter months by parent volunteers.  Notice is sent home about skate days/times for various grades.  A set of swimming lessons are also usually offered each spring.  Once a week we bus our students to the Chetwynd Leisure Pool and the instructors there teach our students basic swimming skills.  This program requires a small additional cost for our parents.

Middle & High School

PCS participates in an inter-school sporting association called CASA (Canadian Adventist Sporting Association). This is a wonderful opportunity for students from a variety of schools to get to know one another in an environment of fun and sportsmanship. Youth oriented activities round out a busy and exciting long weekend. This year we plan to participate in Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball and Soccer.  Although all students are encouraged to participate, this program is optional and students need to be in sound academic standing to attend tournaments. Student playing time during tournaments may not be equal for all players and is at the discretion of the coach.

There is also a female volleyball club that meets after school to practice skills.



This program provides an opportunity for all students to participate in choir and sing songs that have a spiritual application. Students will participate in performances for the community which may include venues in town or at school.


The school has a praise band opportunity for upper grade students. Participation is on a voluntary basis. Those who wish to participate in this musical experience are encouraged to join.

Instrument rental or purchase must be arranged by the parents of the student. Depending on the instrument, skills required may be outside the scope of our program.

Questions regarding band should be directed to Pastor Erroll.


Spiritual and moral values are taught through dramatic presentations. This very popular course is offered as a Fine Arts elective for upper grade students but has a limited number of seats available. Credits (2 or 4) may be given to students who qualify.


This course is also a Fine Arts elective for upper grade students and has a limited number of seats available.  Projects range over a variety of mediums and complexity.  There is also an art club that meets after school for elementary age students.

Haskap Berries

Our Haskap berries program is an exciting new adventure this school year.  We have planted Haskap bushes on our property and are integrating the growth and care for the plants and product into our curriculum.  More info on this program will be coming soon.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Adventure Races

Each year, PCS sponsors four adventure races in the Chetwynd area. One to three member teams compete in a race involving up to three disciplines: running, mountain biking, and canoeing.  See here for more information.

Mission Trip

In the spring of 2019, PCS is offering a mission trip experience for students in grades 9 – 12 who have sufficient academic standing. Details regarding this trip will be shared with interested students and their parents as the information becomes available. Interested students should speak to Pastor D. or Mr. Shankel.