We believe that love to others begins with God’s love for us. Worship and prayer are held at the beginning of each day and part of the curriculum for all students is study of the Bible. Our chaplain also leads weekly worships with our students.

Our first priority is to teach students about love. This means showing them love by providing them with a supportive environment that includes both kindness and structure, allowing them to be the best people they can be. It also means teaching them what loving others looks like. Many of our teachers are trained in Positive Discipline and we also teach social-emotional skills with the Second Step and Open Parachute programs.

We have specific programs to recognize and encourage love to others. These are to promote respect, kindness, helpfulness, gratitude and integrity. We have a school wide Caught Being Kind initiative to help promote these characteristics in our students. We also have specific time set aside in our schedule for Gr 7 – 12 as service blocks. This is time to practice service, both to our school and to our community at large. Some service projects include recycling, shoveling driveways, creating cards, handing out hot chocolate, and many more. These activities will sometimes require the students to leave the school grounds under staff supervision.


Our lessons are planned to not only teach content, but to develop key skills in our students. These skills include critical and creative thinking, strong and effective communication, and collaborative problem solving.

All of our teachers are teaching in areas in which they are comfortable. We follow the regular BC curriculum, with the addition of a Bible program, and teaching Science from a creationist perspective. We believe all people should have a broad world view and encourage exploration of personal beliefs, along with better understanding the beliefs and perspectives of others.

We encourage hands-on learning opportunities whenever possible. When appropriate, our teachers will take students outside to learn in our haskap orchard, in the woods, or by the creek next to our school property.


Learning leadership skills sets students up for future success in the school and workplace environments. All people have dreams. Some are personal or local. Some are grand and world sized. All dreams will take leadership skills to accomplish. Whether our students become parents, community or business leaders, we want them to have the skills to be a positive influence on those around them, for the success of all. By empowering our students to lead others, we are growing the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership takes many forms at PCS. It is integrated in our lessons with small group work and presentations. We foster it in our sports programs with team captains for intramurals, sports tournaments, and youth coaches. We offer leadership classes like Active Living. Our house team program encourages leadership from the high school students and a family atmosphere and positive role models for the elementary students. We also have reading buddies to provide more literacy exposure, build relationships, and promote leadership skill development.