Our hot lunch and milk programs are a volunteer run weekly event, organized by our parent committee.  We appreciate all of our volunteers who prepare our delicious meals and pick-up and deliver the milk for our students.

Hot lunch: Each month, order forms are sent home to families with a return deadline with payment before the beginning of the next month.

Effective January 2016, there will no longer be credits for hot lunch when absent (exception for snow days).  If your child is absent, you can arrange to come pick up the ordered lunch or have it given to another student that you specify.

Milk: Forms are sent home periodically for pre-order and payment. Milk is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

PCS Parent Committee – Hot Lunch/Milk Programs Update

Welcome to another year of amazing Hot Lunches and Milk Days!!

A huge thank-you to the Coordinators, Assistants and Dessert Makers!!

And thank you to each family who purchases hot lunch and/or milk during the school year – these are great fundraisers for our school.


  • The hot lunch and milk order forms will go home together
  • The forms will be for 2 months of ordering at a time – so one payment every 2 months (chq’s payable to “PCS Parent Committee”)
  • Please pay EXACT amount – any extra will automatically go to the Hot Lunch donation account. NOTE: You will NOT receive a credit for the next order form.

Thank you!

March 2020 Hot Lunch Form. (Forms due Feb 28th)

Mar/Apr 2020 Milk Order Form. (Forms due Feb 28th)