Teacher Appreciation

Hello Parents & Students,

Happy week of green leaves to you! The tinge of green always helps lift my spirits this time of year.

It is Teacher Appreciation Week in the US and many Canadian schools are celebrating this week as well (though Canada has a Teacher Appreciation Day in October). Just like many of you are struggling at times to make this current life a good one, our teachers also have their moments of struggle. I’m asking your help to encourage them this week and show them that their work is appreciated.

Please choose one way and send it directly to the teacher(s), if possible. Picture and video posts to our Fb page or @pcschetwynd tagged on Instagram, would also be great! Here are some ideas:

Teachers (and assistants) to recognize are:

  • Mrs. B
  • Miss G
  • Mr. Scalliet
  • Miss D
  • Mr. Atherton
  • Miss Astleford
  • Mr. Arnesto
  • Mr. McAfee
  • Mr. Hoffmann
  • Pastor D
  • Mrs. Hunter
  • Miss Christie

Thank you so much for your time and effort to do this! Many of you have expressed appreciation to our teachers recently and it has made a difference. We all miss seeing you in our building 🙂

Take care,
Mrs. Atherton