May Important Dates /Draw

Every Thursday is pick-up and drop-off from 9 to 2

· Clarification for students unable to do online learning and in need of education packets with assignments.

· If your teachers have informed you they have made a packet for you please make sure you come and pick it up or make arrangements with Mrs. Price.

· When you have completed your work please drop it off on Thursday and exchange for your new packet.

Friday, May 1 – NID – No School

Monday, May 18 – Victoria Day – No School

Just For Fun in May

As the school sits quiet, we have been pondering what we can do to help you have some fun and know we care. So the idea was born to have a weekly family draw for Kindergarten to Grade 7 and Grades 8 to 12. There will be a family prize to bring a smile to your face!

Some of the prizes are:

Camping Fun Cookie Making

Movie Munchies

Let’s Bake

Vending Snack Attack

Popsicle Fun Game Night