2nd School T-shirt/Hoodie Order & Other Info

School T-shirt/Hoodie Order
We’ve been asked by several people to do another school t-shirt/hoodie, order so here’s your opportunity.

Students who requested an order form received it earlier this week. Orders are due by February 4th. Please send e-transfers to pac @ peacechristianschool.ca & cheques are payable to PCS Parent Committee. If you did not receive a form but would like to place an order please let us know. This will be your last chance to order for this school year.

Hot Lunch purchased for Wednesday, January 5th
Families will receive a credit for this missed meal which will be applied to the March/April hot lunch order forms.

Milk purchased for Tuesday, January 6th will be received by students.

Top Sellers for our Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser are Charlotte & Rocky Neuman, Audrey Spenst, and Sarah McAfee. Fantastic job achieving top sales!!!! Also a big thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser. We appreciate it!

Please Pick Up Mom’s Pantry Orders Today

We were expecting Mom’s Pantry to arrive early next week but it was unexpectedly delivered today.

We understand this is short notice, therefore if possible, please pick up your Mom’s Pantry orders at the school today, December 10, from 2:30-3:30. If you are unable to, please call the school @ 250-788-2044 to make other arrangements as we have limited freezer space.

We apologize for the short notice and inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!

14 October, 2021 15:37

Hello families,

Please note that the November/December hot lunch forms are due by October 22 (not November 22). Sorry for any confusion.


We love receiving payments by e-transfer!

However, when paying by e-transfer please confirm if it is for pac or office @ peacechristianschool.ca. Pac is for PCS Parent Committee payments to hot lunch, milk & hoodie/t-shirt orders. While office is for Peace Christian School payments of tuition, public bus & extracurricular/sport’s fees, & donations.

You may also pay for multiple items in one payment, as long as you do not combine school & pac items.

Also, remember to include a message explaining what the funds are for. If you are unsure which email to send your payment to, please call the school. Thank you!

K-Gr 6 Awards Ceremony & Freezies

Tomorrow, Thursday June 24th is our K-Gr 6 awards ceremony at 1:15 pm. Ways to watch:

– Live via Facebook

– Live via Zoom link which will be emailed to parents tomorrow morning

– After the event via the Facebook video

We look forward to celebrating our elementary students’ achievements.

Also tomorrow, freezies will be sold for $1.00 each, in addition to vending machine snacks.

Top Sellers for Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser – we raised $1638.21!!

Originally the top 3 sellers were to receive prizes (Crazy Beans Bistro gift certificate), however, a fourth student was so close that we decided to give her a prize too.

Excellent Job on Your Total Sales:
Charlotte Neuman $1039.80Tucker & Jackson Strachan $532.80
Alayna Sorell $387.90
Leah Bond $349.80

Again, thank you to ALL of the 24 student sellers and the lovely ladies who organized & ran this fundraiser 🙂

Mom’s Pantry – NOT Arriving Today

Mom’s Pantry orders will not be arriving today.We just found out that shipping is delayed so it is now arriving tomorrow. We apologize for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause you.

Please plan to pick up your orders from the school tomorrow, Thursday, April 29 from 2:30-3:30. If this date change does not work for you, please call the school @ 250-788-2044 to make other arrangements.

Thanks for your understanding!