Lockdown Drill

Dear Families,

The safety of your child(ren), as well as the safety of the school staff is very important to us. One way we maintain a safe environment for our children to study and learn is to practice our emergency response plans.

This coming Monday morning, January 11, 2021, we will be practicing a lockdown drill, with the assistance of the Chetwynd RCMP. This type of drill will secure the school building and safely shelter all students and staff inside the building, protecting against any danger outside or inside the building. During a “lockdown drill” doors will be locked/closed and remain locked until the danger is removed. To enable everyone to remain safe, no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building until the drill is complete.

For the safety of everyone involved, we respectfully request that during a drill or event, you follow these items:

  • Do not come to the school
  • Do not call the school offices (as they will be busy with the drill or actual emergency)
  • Do not contact students or staff members via cell phone or social media (to maintain order, allow silence and a cohesive following of the safety plan)
  • Avoid social media posts. For an event, correct information will be sent officially as soon as possible.
  • Please make sure we always have your current contact information.
  • In the event of an actual emergency evacuation, you will receive notification where to pick up your child as soon as practicable.

As you feel appropriate, please talk to your child(ren) about this drill. It does not mean there will be an intruder or unsafe situation, but it is best to have precautions in place, just like we have a smoke detector in our home or wear a seatbelt in our vehicles.

Please remember that these safety practice drills are done to help maintain our schools as a safe place to learn and work. If you have any questions, please contact me at the school.


Kristin Atherton

Happy New Year!

We are happy to have everyone back tomorrow! A quick reminder that Covid-19 precautions are still in place:
– Please send/bring a water bottle and keep extra items (like toys) at home.
– No extra people in the building (please wear a mask if needing to come to the front entrance).
– Cleaning hands for everyone when entering the building (and when moving between areas).
– For Gr 5-12, wearing masks when on the bus and when in an area with another cohort.

We are also continuing with our other precautions, such as extra disinfecting during the day.

See you soon!

Report Cards & More

Report cards were sent home with all our students today.

Lost & found is laid out in the hall for students to pick up tomorrow. If you recognize an item in the pictures, perhaps let your child know to take it home 🙂

A link for our Christmas program video will be direct emailed to the families who participated. It is a little delayed and will be sent out tomorrow. Send us an email or Facebook message if you do not receive it. It will be available to watch until Monday evening.

Friday is noon dismissal and we will see everyone back on Monday, January 4.

Have a great holiday!

Students & Internet

“Ideally, children should not post pictures on the Internet at all.” – Jill Starishevsky, New York City’s assistant district attorney and prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes — Top eight expert tips on Internet safety

Dear Families,

There are many memes, jokes and comments about 2020.  It has been a year of change, upheaval and trial.  As we come near the close, I’d like to point you to a topic that 2020 has brought to the forefront at school.

More than ever, our students are spending time on digital devices instead of in person relationships and we are seeing the impact.  There are risks online for all of us and because we want the best for each student, we want to decrease these risks.  For younger students, the most common risks include exposure to inappropriate content, such as pornography and disturbing images and videos.  For older students, they include cyberbullying, over-sharing, addictive behaviours and a loss of privacy and reputation.1

“Researchers believe that as teens become hooked on social-media apps, they are less able to regulate emotions, manage impulses and make good decisions. Social-media addiction also creates lower self-esteem — the direct opposite of what teens use social media for.  . .  A parent’s greatest error could possibly be turning a blind eye to how much time teens spend online and what they’re doing there and why.”2

To help protect our students at school, the policies we have in place are:

  • No personal devices for K – Gr 7 (please keep devices at home)
  • Supervision while on school devices
  • Actively reviewing our policy for Grade 8 – 12 students

What we are asking you as a family to do are:

  • Monitor use on devices, especially content and postings on social media
  • Keep communication open with your children/youth
  • Remind them that anything done online is not anonymous
  • Encourage them to spend time doing alternate activities: read books, develop hobbies, play non-violent games, do community service

Tips some families have found helpful:

  • Use screen time limits on devices
  • Buy an internet router that automatically turns off at set times
  • Lock games away except for certain times

We want a healthy learning atmosphere at school, both in and out of class time, where students are learning good social skills, are physically active, and have moments to daydream during free time.3  These keep our mind and body healthier, as well as build empathy for our fellow humans.

If you are looking for reasons to not have your child start on social media, start by reading this article (10 Reasons why Social Media Should Banned for Children Under 18) or watching the documentary “Social Dilemma” found on Netflix.

Find more fabulous info here:

Thank you for joining us in keeping our young people healthy and safe.


  1. Protecting your family online: experts tell you how – Focus on the Family
  2. Why Social Media Shouldn’t Define Your Teen – Focus on the Family
  3. The Good Things About Daydreaming That No One Will Tell You , So I Will (lifehack.org)

Support reading. #GivingTuesday

Our students are reading books in order to earn extra books for their classroom libraries. Each book read earns them points toward a new book in their room. We are asking for your help to support this program. Giving Tuesday is a day around the world to inspire people to give, collaborate and celebrate people doing good work. Join us for #GivingTuesday and help support our students in reading more!

A couple of donors have started us off. Which box will you sponsor?

Click here to donate today (cash or cheque to school also works)! Thank you for supporting our students to read more!

Christmas Hampers

Developing a sense of community, generosity, and service in our students is important to us. We invite you to join us in this by having them bring canned and/or dry food goods to add to our boxes for the Chetwynd Bureau’s Christmas hampers. 2020 has been a struggle for everyone, but some more than others. Donations will be accepted until December 17. Thank you for joining us in helping those in need.

Covid-19 Update

The province of BC outlined new guidelines for Covid-19 today. At this time, the guidelines for schools remain the same. We will continue to do our best to keep our students and staff safe by following our safety plan. We encourage you to have a conversation with your children about continuing to do their part with cleaning their hands often, keeping their hands to themselves, keeping distance with those outside their learning group, and wearing a mask when riding the bus (for the middle & high school students).

There are students and staff regularly wearing masks at school. Any person who would prefer to wear a mask at school is welcome to do so.

Thank you for continuing to follow our guidelines of adults (other than staff) staying outside the building, unless pre-arranged.

If there is anything we can do to help your family during this time, please let us know.

Stay safe everyone!

[ Hopefully tomorrow there won't be this many emails from us 😉 ]

Parent/Teacher Conference Feedback Survey

Thank you for participating in our parent/teacher conferences! We hope you appreciated the conversations as much as we did.

We want to hear your feedback as there were new aspects this time and we’d like to know what worked well and what we can improve. Please fill this quick survey (about 2 minutes) and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).