Ski Trip

We have evaluated the highway road conditions and are going to continue with our ski trip today. The shuttle bus will be outside Windrem this morning about the normal time (potentially a few minutes late). We will be leaving the ski hill earlier than planned to allow plenty of time to return home to the IGA parking lot for 4:00 pm. —

January + NH Letter

Hello Families,

Last week we had a special guest speaker, Melody Illacas, from Burman University, sharing spiritual insights with our students each day. We are grateful for her being here and the presentations she gave.

Here are items to note for the next few Fridays:
Fri Jan 20 – Wear team colour day

Fri Jan 27 – Ski day to Bear Mtn for all students (and parents are welcome). Those not wishing to ski/snowboard can come and assist with younger learners. Permission forms went home yesterday. Please return these by this Monday, Jan 23.
Fri Feb 3 – No school for a non-instructional day

We also have a few items for our upper high school students next week:
Tue Jan 24 – Numeracy 10 assessment
Wed Jan 25 – Grad photos
Thu Jan 26 – Literacy 10 assessment & Job fair for Gr 10-12

Attached to this email is a letter from Northern Health for your review.

It’s mid-winter and many are struggling with illness. We are encouraging health practices here at school and wish health for all!

Happy remainder of January!
Mrs. Atherton

2023-01-Notice for Families-Immunization Information coming from Northern Health.pdf

Last Week Reminders

Hello Families,

It’s chilly out but our hearts are warm with Christmas cheer this week. Come out to our Christmas program Wednesday evening to celebrate our students and see the doors our house teams decorated. Please see the details below and a reminder for our last day before break.

Wed Dec 14 6:30 pm – Christmas program put on by our students. We encourage all to come out. Participating students should arrive between 6:00 and 6:15 pm.

Fri Dec 16 12:00 pm – Early dismissal. There will be a bus in the morning but there will not be an afternoon bus taking students back to town at the end of the day.

May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of God’s love this Christmas season. We look forward to seeing our students back on Tuesday, January 3.

Warm regards,
Mrs. Atherton

Lockdown Today

Dear Families,

We had a shelter-in-place lockdown at school today. The RCMP were dealing with an event in our area and asked that no one leave the building as a preventative measure. We are thankful our communication between staff worked well, students cooperated as asked and everyone stayed safe. After about 15 minutes, the RCMP called back to give the all clear and classes returned to normal.

The RCMP are happy to respond to any questions you may have regarding this incident. They may be reached at 250-788-9221.

Stay well!
Mrs. Atherton

Report Cards

Dear Parents,

At Peace Christian School our mission is to Prepare Caring Students who Love, Learn and Lead. We continually evaluate aspects of our program to see how we can best fulfill this mission. Currently, we are moving toward more proficiency based learning practices. This focuses on a set level of expectation during instruction and assessment of students.

What does this mean? Our teachers will move toward focusing on the end goal with students so they have a clear understanding of what they are working to achieve. Assessments such as assignments, quizzes, tests and projects will still provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their progress in learning. This year, for K-Gr 8, grades will be determined and reported on whether a student is emerging, developing, proficient or extending in their knowledge of curriculum subject areas. Next year, Gr 9 will be included in this grading scale.

Why are we doing this? Educational research shows that students’ learning improves when clear targets of information and skill are established. We want to give students and families better, more specific information both before and after instruction to facilitate better learning. The province of BC is also moving toward proficiency based reporting. A handout is attached to explain the provincial proficiency scale, as well as what you can expect to stay the same and what is changing in terms of reporting.

Our teachers are working hard to learn and adjust to a new way of reporting student learning. We do ask for you to be patient with us as we make this transition. We anticipate there will be changes throughout this school year and into next year. These changes will ultimately make our program stronger and our students more likely to succeed.

We do want you to understand where your child(ren) is/are at in their learning throughout this transition so if at any point you have questions, please reach out and ask. We are happy to discuss what we are seeing and the progress they are making.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Atherton

2022 student_reporting-brochure_for_families.pdf

Upcoming events

Hello Families,

Just a few reminders for you of upcoming events:

Fri Nov 25 – No School

Mon Nov 28 at 6:30 pmTrade Program Presentation for families of students interested in entering trade related careers and what it can look like while attending PCS

Wed Dec 14 at 6:00 pm – Christmas program for all our families to attend, presented by PCS students

Fri Dec 16 – Early Dismissal – School is over at noon.

We appreciated connecting with our parents during parent-teacher conferences. Thank you for supporting your child’s education!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Atherton

PT Interviews

Hello Parents,

Our sincere apologies. Times for parent teacher interviews were sent out with the incorrect dates attached. If your message said the 18th, your appointment is on Wednesday the 16th. If your message said the 19th, your appointment is on Thursday the 17th. All times remain the same.

Thank you to those of you who let us know of this error. If you have a separate request (zoom, later time, etc), we will do our best to accommodate and will get back to you individually on Monday.

Once again, our apologies for this error. We realize your time is valuable and are looking forward to meeting with you!

Mrs. Atherton

Funding for Families

Hello Parents,

PCS has received an allocation of grant funding from the BC Independent Schools Affordability Fund. This is a temporary funding measure for this school year. As noted by FISA (the Federation of Independent Schools Association which we are part of): "The purpose of this grant is to make life more affordable for BC families who are temporarily facing financial challenges and short-term assistance with the current costs of school supplies, education-related fees, and dealing with food insecurity that impact children’s learning. Government recognizes that British Columbians may be struggling with rising food costs, and costs for a range of goods and services."

We will be using this funding to support our families in a variety of ways throughout this school year. Please note that some of our permission slips and forms will include a checkbox for you to tick if your family would benefit from having the costs covered by this grant. Hot lunch forms went home today and are eligible for this funding so please let a staff member know if you would appreciate the use of this fund for this first hot lunch period. And in the future, if your family needs assistance with food, clothing, extracurricular activities or transportation costs, please speak with Mrs. Siller or myself.

We appreciate FISA advocating to the BC government on behalf of independent school families to also have access to this funding initiative. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Warmth to you this weekend!
Mrs. Atherton

November News

Can you believe it’s November already? The weather is certainly starting to let us know. Here’s an outline of our November happenings:

Fri Nov 11 – No School for Remembrance Day
Mon Nov 14 – Picture Retake Day – Our original day pictures should be here soon.
Wed/Thu Nov 16/17 – Early Dismissal (1:30 pm) and parent-teacher conferences. More info to come on this later this week.
Fri Nov 25 – No School for a Non-Instructional Day
Mon Nov 28 – Trades program presentation. Time yet to be determined.

Looking ahead to December, we will be having our Christmas program for students and families to attend the evening of Wed Dec 14 at 6:30 pm. Fri Dec 16 will have noon dismissal as it is the last day of school before Christmas break.

As always, you are welcome to check our calendar online for major events. Our ski days, non-instructional days and early dismissal dates for the next few months are scheduled there.

Other news to note is that we have two teachers joining us these next couple of weeks. Miss Villegas is starting next week teaching Math and PE. We are excited to have her moving to Chetwynd, though we will be sad to say goodbye to Mr. York. We are grateful for him spending the last two months with us away from his home, and appreciate his passion and dedication to helping our students learn.

Mrs. Balane will be starting the following week teaching primarily our Science classes. We are grateful for her and her husband choosing to move to Chetwynd and bring her expertise to our school. Thankfully Pastor Josh will still be spending some time with us at PCS as we appreciate the positive addition his good ideas and creativity add to our program. We hope to keep him around 😀

As we enter the season of darker and colder weather, may we remember that there is light and warmth in God’s love for us!

~Mrs. Atherton

Healthy Family Resources

Hello Families,

We have two resources to help you on your path to being healthy individuals and a healthy family. Please check out these resources.

1. Healthy families newsletter from Northern Health. Includes:
 great health topics
 up to date resources
 ways to connect for more information

2. Open Parachute
The Open Parachute Mental Health Program is being delivered to most of our students. This program addresses issues of stigma surrounding mental health in young people, encourages help-seeking, and creates a culture of mutual support and respect for any struggles that students may face.

This program was developed by Dr Hayley Watson, an adolescent clinical psychologist who has been developing programs globally for the past 15 years.

There are audio and video-based resources to provide you, as a parent, with practical tools for supporting the well-being of your child at all stages of their life. We will be sending you links to access these resources as your child progresses through the program.

Here is a message from the founder of Open Parachute, Dr Watson:
I am so pleased that your child is taking part in this program. I developed this resource because I want every child to learn practical mental health skills, so they can live life to their fullest potential.

This program aims to build a strong foundation of resilience so that your child can learn to trust in their own abilities, relate to their own feelings in a healthy way, and change any unhelpful patterns that may hold them back at any point in their lives.

It is normal for your children to have feelings stirred up throughout the course of this program, because we are intentionally providing a space where they can address challenging issues in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. These conversations can also continue at home if you and your child would like to explore these topics further – the video-based resources for parents can help guide these discussions.

We look forward to working with you to support the wellbeing of your child!