2nd School T-shirt/Hoodie Order & Other Info

School T-shirt/Hoodie Order
We’ve been asked by several people to do another school t-shirt/hoodie, order so here’s your opportunity.

Students who requested an order form received it earlier this week. Orders are due by February 4th. Please send e-transfers to pac @ peacechristianschool.ca & cheques are payable to PCS Parent Committee. If you did not receive a form but would like to place an order please let us know. This will be your last chance to order for this school year.

Hot Lunch purchased for Wednesday, January 5th
Families will receive a credit for this missed meal which will be applied to the March/April hot lunch order forms.

Milk purchased for Tuesday, January 6th will be received by students.

Top Sellers for our Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser are Charlotte & Rocky Neuman, Audrey Spenst, and Sarah McAfee. Fantastic job achieving top sales!!!! Also a big thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser. We appreciate it!