School Next Week

Dear Families,

It’s been an extra long Christmas break for our students and hopefully everyone is looking forward to returning to school! Our teachers have been busy with plans and paperwork and are happy to return to the teaching aspect of their jobs next week.

With the omicron variant of covid spreading more rapidly throughout our province, we are adding some safety measures at school and renewing other measures to reduce the risk to our students and staff as much as possible, while still being able to learn at school.

Please note the following:

Limited visitors – guests are limited to those supporting activities that are of direct benefit to student learning and wellbeing. This means hot lunch can continue (with adults wearing masks), but anyone picking up/dropping off children should stay outside the building while doing so. If you need assistance with something, please come ask with reception at the main entrance.

Daily health check – please continue to check with your children each day that they are healthy. Guidelines to follow can be found here: K-12 Health Check ( Please keep children at home if they are sick and follow public health guidelines.

Mask wearing is mandatory – please continue to send a clean mask with your child(ren) each day. There are exceptions for while eating, during high intensity physical activity and for those who have a psychological, behavioural or health condition.

We have taken measures to further reduce crowding in certain areas and will continue to encourage students to wear masks and clean their hands frequently. Our full updated communicable disease plan will be posted on our website this weekend.

Smile through the last of this cold spell! I’m hopeful the forecast for next week stays true.

Happy weekend!

Mrs. Atherton