Covid Policy Update

Hello Parents,

In keeping in line with revised government regulations, we have updated our Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy & Procedures. They are on our website, along with a summary of items.

The key update students and families will notice is the wearing of masks, as implemented earlier this month. This is an addition to the many procedures we have in place to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, including increased cleaning/disinfecting, hand hygiene, physical distancing, and masks for staff.

Here are a few key items for our families to remember:

– Please do a daily health check of symptoms for your children. A helpful tool for symptoms is

– Students should clean their hands before they leave home to take the bus, when they leave school prior to taking the bus, and when they get home.

– Personal items coming to school should be limited to those necessary (e.g. backpacks, clothing, school supplies, water bottles, reusable food containers). Items brought regularly to and from school should be limited to those that can be easily cleaned (e.g. reusable food containers) and/or are considered to be low risk (e.g. clothing, paper, etc.).

– Homemade food items are not to be made available to other students at this time (e.g. birthday treats, bake sale items). Please note that different guidelines apply to food that is prepared in schools (e.g. as part of a culinary program) or for school food services.

– Gr 5 – 12 students will continue to wear masks while riding the bus, and Gr 7 – 12 students will wear a mask except when:

o sitting in (or standing at) their desk/table

o eating and drinking; or

o outdoors

Thank you to our students who are doing their best to follow all the guidelines. If anyone needs a mask or has any questions, please let us know. This is a challenging time and we will get through this to the other side.

Mrs. Atherton