Registration & Orientation

Hello Parents,

A big welcome to Leslie Fowler to our team! She is our new receptionist and is currently tackling a lot of paperwork. We are thankful to have her on board. We also want to welcome Stephanie King as Gr 3 & 4 teacher, Melissa McAfee as our Early Learning Program Instructor and Jennifer Hook as an Educational Assistant. Our returning staff are in similar roles as last year and you can see the details on our website here:

Registration/Orientation is this Thursday from 10 am – 4 pm. Please plan to attend with your students at some point during this time for about an hour. Weather permitting, this will take place outside. Depending on their grade, they will meet their teacher, confirm information, choose lockers, confirm classes, etc. Parents, we also need to do a Covid-19 orientation/sign-off with you.

Our Covid-19 safety plan is currently under review by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and should be confirmed soon. We appreciate all the guidance from the MoE, our public health offices and WCB to ensure we have a safe environment for all. A summary of measures being taken is attached to this email. Details of our proposed policy and plan can be found on our website here:

A question many people have is about mask wearing. As outlined by guidelines, our plan includes staff and Gr 5-12 students to wear non-medical masks whenever they are interacting with people in another learning group, without being able to keep physical distance. At this time, we have arranged our schedules so that our two learning groups will not need to interact so there will be minimal requirement to wear a mask within the school building. Gr 5 – 12 students will wear non-medical masks while riding the bus, putting it on before loading and taking off after unloading. Students and staff are welcome to wear masks whenever they wish to. No student is required to wear a mask if they do not tolerate it.

Thank you to everyone for your support of our school! We are busy putting the final touches on our classrooms to make everything ready for our students. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kristin Atherton

Summary of Safety Measures.pdf