Covid-19 has changed many things around the world and in BC, we are thankful for the guidance of the Ministry of Education, the BCCDC and WCB in allowing us to have a safe learning environment for our students and staff.

BC is currently in Stage 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic response.  In this stage, we are able to provide in-person instruction for all of our students as schools are considered a “controlled” environment by public health. This is because:
• Schools include a consistent grouping of people.
• Schools have robust illness policies for students and staff.
• Schools can implement effective personal practices that can be consistently reinforced and are
followed by most people in the setting (e.g. diligent hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, etc.).
• Schools can implement a variety of health and safety measures (e.g., enhanced cleaning and
disinfecting practices, using outdoor space for learning activities, grouping students and staff in
learning groups to limit in-person interactions, implementing staggered schedules, etc.)

We have a comprehensive safety plan, in accordance with all the guidelines for everyone’s safety.  In summary, this plan includes:

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Stay Home When Sick

– Parents will be requested to verify they are screening their children at home for symptoms, using the declaration form provided.  Staff will screen themselves each morning.

– If a student or staff member begins to show symptoms at school, they will be provided with a mask, and isolated in a spare room until they can be sent home.

Hand Hygiene

– Hand hygiene will be required upon entry/exit of the building, when transitioning from area of the school to another, before/after eating and using the washroom.  Sanitization stations are placed at all entrances to the building and in each classroom and common area.

Respiratory & Personal Hygiene

– Cover coughs and sneezes.

– No sharing of food, drinks, or personal items.

– Shared items that cannot be easily cleaned have been removed from the classrooms.

– Two re-usable masks will be provided for each student and staff member.  Masks will be worn whenever members of different cohorts are in proximity to each other within the building.  Scheduling

Physical Distancing & Minimizing Physical Contact

– Teachers and students are assigned to one of two learning groups.  K – Gr 6 will be in one group, Gr 7 – 12 in another.  The few staff who work with both cohorts will primarily keep their physical distance from the students.  Where this is not possible, the adult will wear a mask while interacting with the students.

– Visual reminders for physical distancing are provided for students and staff.

– Parents and visitors are allowed in the building by appointment only.

– Bus transportation for students will include a seating chart, which will include seating next to siblings and students in the same learning group.  Gr 5-12 students will wear masks.

Cleaning & Disinfection

– Regular cleaning & disinfecting will take place daily.  Additional disinfection of high touch areas will happen once more during the school day, both in the classrooms and in the shared spaces.

Additional details can be found within our Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy.

Resources about Masks:

How to wear:
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