New Updated Website

We have an updated website! Still located at, you can now find a calendar with all our school programming on it, as well as copies of all the general notes that are sent home. Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, as well as information about our program, policies, and events is there so go check it out!*

Last minute updates on snow days, program changes, etc. will continue to be posted on our Facebook page. These posts now show on the home page of our website so even if you are not following our Facebook page, you can check our website homepage for our last minute updates.

Notes Home

We are now providing an electronic format for notes going home. This includes putting our notes on our new website and sending out email requests to sign-up to receive notes by email. For now, both paper and email copies will be going out.

Today, you will receive an email request to sign-up for the email copies. Please click the “Accept Invitation” button in your email. After clicking this, most people will want to choose the last option of “Follow by email subscription only” (if you are a wordpress user, feel free to sign in with your account). Once you have clicked this, you are finished. Instructions with pictures are also attached to this note. There is an ‘unsubscribe’ button to be easily removed if you decide to do so in the future.

Something to keep in mind: replying to these new emails from our website will not go anywhere. Please direct all inquiries to the regular school email address of peacechristianschool, Dori Shankel, or to our Facebook page.

*If you see our old webpage when going to our web address, try clearing your browser and then going to the page again.

Website Subscription Instructions.pdf