Swimming lessons – Start date Friday, April 7/17

To enhance our P.E. program we will be offering “Swim @ School” swim lessons for Kindergarten to Grade 6. As this opportunity is part of our P.E. program we are anticipating that all students will participate unless there is a medical reason that prohibits them from swimming. Swimming will begin Friday, April 7, 2017 and run on the following dates April 21, 28, May 19 & 26. A total of 5 lessons will be held over this time period. Please remember that modest swimwear is required.

The fee for swimming is $30.00 per student. We require payment to be made by April 5, 2017. If there is a concern please contact Mr. Shankel to consider alternatives.

Your child’s previous progress cards are not required to be returned to the school. New progress cards will be issued by the pool for the “Swim @School” lessons.

We will be bussing students to and from the pool. Parents are welcome to come to the pool to watch their children.

The normal after school shuttle bus routine will remain the same.

Please complete and return the following form along with payment to the school by Wednesday, April 5, 2017.