PC AGM minutes pdf form

Resending the minutes as copy & paste and attached in pdf format as the previous attachment could not be opened on cell phones. The year end summary report is attached below in pdf format as well. Hopefully this works better for everyone.

Peace Christian School Parent Committee


September 16, 2020

Parents present: Dori Shankel, Becca Widdicombe, Alastair Atherton, Melissa McAfee and Stacy Siller


Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of June 25, 2019 Exec meeting

Reports: 1) Secretary – update on current school year

· 20/21 enrollment: 77 students, 48 families

· Staffing updates

o Stephanie King, grades 3/4

o Leslie Fowler, receptionist (Monday to Friday 8am-noon)

o Kristin Atherton, principal (half time)

· School just finished a successful 2019/20 Financial Audit

2) President

· Review of Constitution/mission statement – Accepted

· Parent Committee mission statement:

¨ Facilitate unity between students/staff/parents/school board

¨ Enhance the school program and facility

¨ Provide support to teachers

¨ Promote positive community awareness of PCS

3) Treasurer

· 19/20 Year End Report & June 30, 2020 Finance Reports Approved (summary report included after Minutes)

· Government grant application submitted (used for yearbooks)

o Sept – amount announced & Oct/Nov – receive funds

· Teacher Wish List – 19/20 whiteboards may be purchased 20/21

New Business/Discussion:

1. VOTED – Exec positions for 2020-21 exec:

a. President: Becca Widdicombe

b. Vice President: Melissa McAfee

c. Treasurer: Stacy Siller

d. Secretary/Teacher Representative: Alastair Atherton

e. Hot lunch Coordinator: (still needed)

f. Milk Coordinator: Janet Wark

g. Fundscrip Coordinator: Lianna Hunter

2. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Hot Lunch and Milk Programs

a. In order to run these programs this year we are in URGENT need of more volunteers.

b. Basic descriptions of the volunteer jobs are provided below. If you did not sign up to be a helper on registration day, and you feel this is something you could help with, please call Mrs. Siller at the school (250-788-2044).

c. Hot lunch volunteers: (Wednesday)

i. COORDINATORS (4 more needed): Are responsible for a set meal. Bulletin board in kitchen will have the number count for your meal to aid you in buying the groceries needed. You are also responsible for sending a text reminder to your assistants and dessert makers on your hot lunch day. You are also asked to ensure that the kitchen is clean and all hot lunch materials put away. Typically, you would be on a 6-week rotation.

ii. ASSISTANTS (5 more needed): Are responsible to assist the Coordinator for that meal. Be at the school by 8:30 on the day that you are assigned. Help clean up after the meals have been served. Ideally, you would be on a 5-6 week rotation.

d. Milk Program volunteers: (Tuesday/Thursday) (2-3 more needed):

i. The milk program runs Tuesday/Thursday. The volunteer would need to pick up the pre-ordered milk from A&W Tuesday morning – and deliver to school. The milk is then labeled with the child’s name and put into baskets for each classroom on Tuesday and Thursday morning. The Coordinator for this program will do the schedule and the ordering. Typically, volunteers have been responsible for 1-2 weeks at a time a few times a year.

e. Thank you for considering whether you can be a part of these fundraising programs.

3. Discussion: PC plans for school year

Up Coming Events:

1. POW: Oct 2

2. Ghost Grunt: Oct 4

3. Thanksgiving Holiday: Monday Oct12

4. Picture Day: Oct 27 (retakes Nov 20)

Closing comments and prayer

Next meeting: TBA

Certified to be a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the Peace Christian School Parent Committee meeting held on

September 16, 2020

_____________________________________ _______________________________________

Stacy Siller, Secretary Dori Shankel, President

AGM Minutes Sep16 2020.pdf


Parent Committee AGM Reminder

Hi Families!!

Announcing the PCS Parent Committee AGM – Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020 @ 6:30PM at the school

The Parent Committee will be presenting the 2019/20 Year End Summary Report as well as nominating an executive committee for this school year. We’d love to see you there!

Parent Committee Exec Minutes/Thank you

The minutes of the PCS PC Exec May 27 meeting are attached below as well as posted to the website.

Thank you to all the PCS families for your stellar support this year to the programs and fundraising events hosted by the Parent Committee.

And a very special thank you to the ladies and gentlemen who helped make our hotlunch & milk programs work so well this year!! We could not have done it without each of you. Thank you to the behind the scenes people as well who bought groceries, organized menus and schedules and sent text reminders.

May your summer be a peaceful and refreshing time!!

PCS Parent Committee

May 27 2020.docx

Hotlunch/milk refunds

Hi Parents,

Just a quick note to let you know that I am in the process of getting all of the Hotlunch/Milk Program refund cheques ready to send out. You should expect them in the mail early next week.

We will also have to cancel our scheduled Parent Committee Meeting for next week. An online meeting will be scheduled in May or June. Details will be sent out closer to time.

Stay healthy and happy 🙂


Thank you!

Dear families & students,

Thank you for your recent support of the Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser. With your help our commission came in at $1292.78!!

At assembly today, the top 3 sellers were announced as well as some honorable mention sellers. A big THANK YOU to ALL 22 of the student sellers in this fundraiser!

And of course, thank you very much to all those who bought product from our students!!

Top 3:
Tamara Collins @ $660.90 in sales
Tucker Strachan @ $422.20 in sales
Lindsey Collins @ $416.21 in sales

Sales over $300: Alayna Sorell

Sales over $200: Brittin Lahoda & Dylan Shankel

Sales over $100: Jonathan Karcher, Riley Reeves,
Emma Siller, Blake Widdicombe & Hannahlee Will

Mom’s Pantry Pick-Up

Mom’s Pantry orders will be ready for pick-up at the school from 1:45-2:45 on Friday, March 6.

If you can not come during that time, please arrange for someone to pick-up your order for you. (We can not store your items over the weekend.)

Thank you for participating in this fundraiser!!

Have a great week!!