Mom’s Pantry – Due Feb 14

Please have all order forms and money in to the school by Thursday, February 14. Online orders need to be in as well (by noon on the 15th)

If you have not made any sales, try just ordering one item from the catalogue for your own pantry. I highly recommend the spices 🙂

Thank you for your support of this fundraiser!!

PCS Parent Committee

Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser

Important information:

– order forms and catalogues went home yesterday (please tell your customers to make cheques payable to "PCS Parent Committee")

– order forms & money are due February 14

– you can order online with the information below

Order online at:

Simply navigate to, click “Shop Now” and start adding products to your cart. When you’re ready, click “Check Out” and enter the Order#283058 and Group Passcode#15496. (The seller is the student & the buyer is the person buying the items.) Once you finish the checkout process, your order is complete, and no further action is required. If you order online, DO NOT submit a blue order form.

Every order counts! Thank you for stocking your pantry shelves with this fundraiser:)

Note from Parent Committee for the New Year

Happy New Year to all of the wonderful PCS Families and Staff!

1. Thank you to Lianna Hunter who coordinated the Fund Scrip group order in Nov/Dec. The gift card sales came to $9,365, which means a profit of $490.55 to the Expanding for Tomorrow Project. Thank you to all who participated in this event. Remember that you can buy gift cards online at any time – look on the school website under Parent Committee Fundraising to learn how.

2. If you missed ordering a t-shirt or hoodie in September you have another chance…we are putting an order in this month. The form is attached to this email if you wish to order. All order forms and money must be in by January 31.

3. Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser will be coming in February. Watch for details.

4. Save your bottles…we will be having a bottle drive challenge the first 2 weeks in March.

Have a great weekend,
PCS Parent Committee

order form 2018.docx

PCS Parent Committee – Quick Notes

1) The next Parent Committee meeting will be in January or February – date will be set closer to time.2) Look forward to the "Mom’s Pantry" fundraiser coming the end of January!!
3) Thank you for all the support given for the Fall Fun Fair!! We raised $1804.91 for the school and $76 for Mission Trip 2019. I will report later on how the funds were used in the school.
4) Fundscrip: Remember to get your gift cards ordered by next Tuesday – this is an easy way to support the school while doing your regular shopping or holiday shopping. Thank you to Lianna for coordinating this campaign! If your child has not brought an order form home, one is now posted on the website under "Parent Committee – Fundraising – Fundscrip" for your convenience.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a great weekend!

Fall FUN Fair

Mark your calendars!!

The Famous PCS Fall Fun Fair has been set for Oct 28 (3-6PM):

Look for a note coming home in the next week or two (or a “verbal note” from your older grade student) from your child’s classroom providing the item that your child has been asked to bring to the Fun Fair for their food or game booth. As well, they will be assigned a certain time in which they are scheduled to help at one of their booths.

Tickets will be sold at the door for $0.25 a ticket.

Thank you for your support!

Parent Committee Sep 19 Meeting Minutes

Peace Christian School Parent Committee


September 19, 2018

Parents present: Dori Shankel, Stacy Siller, Becca Widdicombe, Janet Wark, Laura-Lea Price, Lianna Hunter, Tara Rodenbush, Petra Llewellyn and Danielle Bunker


Approval of amended June 2017 minutes

Approval of Agenda

Reports: 1) President

· Review of Parent Committee Constitution – accepted

· Review of Parent Committee mission statement:

§ Facilitate unity between students/staff/parents/school board

§ Enhance the school program and facility

§ Provide support to teachers

§ Promote positive community awareness of PCS

· Update on current year

§ 18/19 Enrollment = 102 students, 62 families

§ Administration update: Darren Shankel’s position will be divided between the Principal position and the Haskap project. Kristin Atherton is joining the administration team as CAO (Chief Administrative Officer). Her role will be to assist Darren with the Principal duties.

§ The Haskap project is a long term project with plans to provide revenue for the school.

§ Independent schools only receive 50% funding from the government so we are pushing towards industry to assist with the school’s finances.

§ The province is excited to work with us on this project as the hands on learning supports the New Curriculum requirements.

· T-shirt/Hoodie order

§ Order forms handed out on Registration day (Aug 30)

§ Friday, Sept 21 – last day to place orders (has been extended to noon on Sept 29)

2) Treasurer

· 2017/18 Year End Report & Financial Statements Approved

(report included after Minutes)

New Business/Discussion:

1. VOTED – Nominations for 2018-19 exec:

a. President – Dori Shankel

b. Vice President – Becca Widdicombe

c. Secretary – Stacy Siller

d. Treasurer – Dori Shankel

e. Assistant Treasurer – Becca Widdicombe

f. Teacher Representative – Corie Penner

2. Approved fundraising events for year; Fun Fair/Bottles/FundScrip/Mom’s Pantry

3. Fun Fair – Dori & PCS Teachers

a. PC will purchase prize bins, everything else donated by families

b. Allocation of proceeds to be determined

c. Discussion of Mission Trip booth

i. Mission Trip – Spring Break 2019

ii. Trip is with Adventist World Aviation Organization

iii. Location; Philippines (same area as last mission trip)

iv. Focus; assist medical missionaries & their small remote airport

v. More details to follow through the school/church

4. Hot lunch program – Corie/Laura-Lea

a. Starting the year with a full schedule J

b. Schedule will go home soon to volunteers

c. 1st meal will be Wednesday, November 7

d. Order forms will be for two months instead of one month

e. A big THANK YOU to Corie for planning the schedule, Laura-Lea for taking care of schedule changes & the week to week concerns, and Melissa Nichols for agreeing to process order forms, do data entry & meal counts.

We could not run this yummy program, every Wednesday, without our many volunteers!

5. Milk program – Janet

a. Plan to start in October

b. 7 Assistants

c. Thank you…

i. Janet, for continuing as the coordinator again this school year!

ii. Assistants for making this program possible!

6. FundScrip – Lianna

a. Group order for gift cards before Christmas

b. $5000 group order required to get free shipping

Thank you Lianna, for continuing to encourage retail therapy J

7. Canadian Tire money

a. Still collecting it at the school

8. No Firewood Fundraiser this fall. We will tentatively plan for next fall.

Up Coming Events:

1. POW (Point of Worship) @ PCS Chapel: Friday, Sept 28 @ 7PM

2. Thanksgiving Holiday: Monday, Oct 8

3. Football in Kelowna: Oct 18-21

4. NID – No School: Monday, Oct 22

5. Fun Fair: Oct 28 (teachers decided on this date after our meeting) – details to follow

Closing comments and prayer

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 21 @ 6:30pm

Certified to be a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the Peace Christian School Parent Committee meeting held on

September 19, 2018..

_____________________________________ _______________________________________

Stacy Siller, Secretary

2018 09 19.docx

PCS Parent Committee Important Information – September 13, 2018

Parents & Staff: Welcome to another school year! Life is busy so we thank you for taking the time to read the letters that come home from the school and from the Parent Committee – we want you to know what is happening so you stay informed and can mark your calendars for events coming up.

Parent Committee AGM – Wednesday, September 19 @ 6:30. All parents welcome. We are looking to fill the position of Treasurer and Vice President.

PCS T-shirts/Hoodies – You will have until September 21 to order school attire (T-shirts/Hoodies). Mrs. Price has some order forms at the front desk if you need one. Cheques should be written to “PCS Parent Committee”. (Order forms are also available on the website under “Parents – Parent Committee – School Spirit”)

Ghost Grunt – Sunday, September 23 – Race start (bus leaves): 10AM Cost: $15/racer Registration: 9AM

NOTE: Family Discount of $10 if participating with 2 or more children, 8 years old or younger, (babies in backpacks – no charge).

Please Note – We will not be doing a firewood fundraiser this fall. We will tentatively plan for next fall.

PCS/Parent Committee

Mom’s Pantry Fundraising Results

Hello Families!

Thank you for your recent support of the Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser!!

Our profit came to $1024.80!!

So far we have had positive feedback about the food products 🙂

Special thanks to our top three student sellers (enjoy your movie and swim!!):
– Delaynee Ethier
– Tucker Strachan
– Dylan Shankel