Thank you!

Dear families & students,

Thank you for your recent support of the Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser. With your help our commission came in at $1292.78!!

At assembly today, the top 3 sellers were announced as well as some honorable mention sellers. A big THANK YOU to ALL 22 of the student sellers in this fundraiser!

And of course, thank you very much to all those who bought product from our students!!

Top 3:
Tamara Collins @ $660.90 in sales
Tucker Strachan @ $422.20 in sales
Lindsey Collins @ $416.21 in sales

Sales over $300: Alayna Sorell

Sales over $200: Brittin Lahoda & Dylan Shankel

Sales over $100: Jonathan Karcher, Riley Reeves,
Emma Siller, Blake Widdicombe & Hannahlee Will