Report Cards

Dear Parents,

At Peace Christian School our mission is to Prepare Caring Students who Love, Learn and Lead. We continually evaluate aspects of our program to see how we can best fulfill this mission. Currently, we are moving toward more proficiency based learning practices. This focuses on a set level of expectation during instruction and assessment of students.

What does this mean? Our teachers will move toward focusing on the end goal with students so they have a clear understanding of what they are working to achieve. Assessments such as assignments, quizzes, tests and projects will still provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their progress in learning. This year, for K-Gr 8, grades will be determined and reported on whether a student is emerging, developing, proficient or extending in their knowledge of curriculum subject areas. Next year, Gr 9 will be included in this grading scale.

Why are we doing this? Educational research shows that students’ learning improves when clear targets of information and skill are established. We want to give students and families better, more specific information both before and after instruction to facilitate better learning. The province of BC is also moving toward proficiency based reporting. A handout is attached to explain the provincial proficiency scale, as well as what you can expect to stay the same and what is changing in terms of reporting.

Our teachers are working hard to learn and adjust to a new way of reporting student learning. We do ask for you to be patient with us as we make this transition. We anticipate there will be changes throughout this school year and into next year. These changes will ultimately make our program stronger and our students more likely to succeed.

We do want you to understand where your child(ren) is/are at in their learning throughout this transition so if at any point you have questions, please reach out and ask. We are happy to discuss what we are seeing and the progress they are making.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Atherton

2022 student_reporting-brochure_for_families.pdf