Terry Fox Run + Playground + More

Hello Families,

It’s the second week of school and we are settling in well. Last week, house teams were chosen and each student is on the black, green, white or grey house team. We will be having one Friday a month to wear team colours so we hope to see as many students as possible wear their team colour. And if students have their team colour in PCS attire, an extra bonus! We hope to have a PCS t-shirt/hoodie order happen in the early part of the year.

This Friday afternoon, our students will be participating in a Terry Fox Run in the Dokkie Subdivision (assuming improved air quality). A poster advertising the event is attached. If you are able, we would love to have your family join in.

The air is extra smoky today. Our hearts go out to all who are evacuated and fighting the fires in our area and across BC. We kept all our students inside today and will continue to do so until the air quality improves. If your child has a specific health concern, please ensure we are aware so we can do our best to keep them safe at school.

Our new playground structures are arriving soon! We are looking for three volunteers for Oct 2 – 4 (or a part of that time) to help with the installation (alongside a licensed supervisor). We also likely need some help with the removal of the old structures the week prior. Please let us know if you are able to lend a hand during this time. We are looking forward to our playground being renewed for the years to come.

Our students are digging into their learning and stretching their capabilities. We are already seeing some growth which is fun. We appreciate family feedback so let us know what’s working (or not) for you.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Atherton

Terry Fox Run 2022 PCS.pdf