Daily Health Check

As viruses continue to spread in our community, a reminder to please continue the daily health check with your children before they come to school. If they have any symptoms of illness, please keep them home. These include:
– runny nose
– sneezing
– sore throat

– headache
– cough
– loss of appetite

– nausea/vomiting
– diarrhea

– extreme tiredness or fatigue
– difficulty breathing

– fever/chills
– body aches
– loss of sense of smell/taste

We recognize new symptoms may not be noticed in the short time in the morning before they come so if students are showing symptoms at school, we will be asking parents to come pick them up.

If someone has symptoms, please complete the health check questionnaire at bc.thrive.health to know when the student can return to school.

Thank you for your continued support to keep our school community healthy.