Last Week Before Break

One more week until break! Our students did an awesome job of decorating our school last week for this fun season so if you have a chance to come by and look at some of our windows, please do so.

It will be a busy week so thought we’d give you a few reminders:

Events This Week
Monday – Holiday shop for elementary students to buy gifts for loved ones at a low cost (priced from $1-$10) & Santa Hat day
Tuesday – Candy Cane Day
Wednesday – Snowman Day
Thursday – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (or Christmas Carol speeches)
Friday** – Noon dismissal, Christmas PJ Day, and holiday gift shop purchases sent home

**There will be no shuttle bus on Friday afternoon. The morning bus will run as normal but students will need to be picked up at school Friday at noon.

Tuesday, Jan 4, 2022 – Non-Instructional Day (no school for students)

Covid Reminders
Masks – please do your best to send a clean cloth mask with your student every day. With 100+ people in the building each day, we go through a lot supplying them to students, sometimes multiple times in a day.
Travel – We are following the current Covid-19 guidelines and there are currently some restrictions around attending school after international travel. If you have plans to travel internationally during break, please let us know so we can help you plan for minimal disruption to your child’s education upon your return.