Camp Outs

Hello Families,

School is in full force and we’ve started out strong. We had a great camp out last weekend with our upper grade students. Thank you to all the families who participated.

Our Gr 5-8 campout is scheduled for this weekend. Despite the questionable weather, we are going ahead with the campout. We are starting at 4 pm on Saturday and ask that students be picked up by 11 am on Sunday. If students would like to come just for Saturday afternoon/early evening and then go home, that is perfectly fine and we’d love to still have them participate! For those staying overnight, please send lots of bedding to stay warm (and a change of clothes is a good idea). Depending on if and how much it rains, we may spend some of our time inside (while wearing masks). Either way, we plan to have fun with food and games!

Enjoy your weekend!