Lockdown Drill

Dear Families,

The safety of your child(ren), as well as the safety of the school staff is very important to us. One way we maintain a safe environment for our children to study and learn is to practice our emergency response plans.

This coming Monday morning, January 11, 2021, we will be practicing a lockdown drill, with the assistance of the Chetwynd RCMP. This type of drill will secure the school building and safely shelter all students and staff inside the building, protecting against any danger outside or inside the building. During a “lockdown drill” doors will be locked/closed and remain locked until the danger is removed. To enable everyone to remain safe, no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building until the drill is complete.

For the safety of everyone involved, we respectfully request that during a drill or event, you follow these items:

  • Do not come to the school
  • Do not call the school offices (as they will be busy with the drill or actual emergency)
  • Do not contact students or staff members via cell phone or social media (to maintain order, allow silence and a cohesive following of the safety plan)
  • Avoid social media posts. For an event, correct information will be sent officially as soon as possible.
  • Please make sure we always have your current contact information.
  • In the event of an actual emergency evacuation, you will receive notification where to pick up your child as soon as practicable.

As you feel appropriate, please talk to your child(ren) about this drill. It does not mean there will be an intruder or unsafe situation, but it is best to have precautions in place, just like we have a smoke detector in our home or wear a seatbelt in our vehicles.

Please remember that these safety practice drills are done to help maintain our schools as a safe place to learn and work. If you have any questions, please contact me at the school.


Kristin Atherton