Masks & Parent-Teacher Conferences

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Our policy for Gr 5-12 students wearing a mask while on our PCS bus is still in effect. Please remind the students in your family to ensure they have a mask with them and to wear it before boarding the bus. We do have some disposable and reusable masks available for students, but these are for occasional use, not to be taken on a regular basis.

Our parent-teacher conferences will be taking place over Zoom*, in order to meet safety guidelines and keep things on a timely schedule. Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19 are early dismissal days, followed by parent-teacher conferences in the afternoon/early evening. We love to be able to connect with you about your child’s learning and are planning for this time to be able to do so again.

In the next day or two, Mrs. Fowler will be emailing you an appointment time(s), as well as the link(s) and meeting IDs to connect with us through Zoom^. If the time provided does not work for you, please let her know and we will reschedule your time. We have scheduled a 5 minute buffer to help give time for those who will need a few minutes to adjust to the different method of meeting with your child(ren)’s teacher.

For all of our students, we prefer this is a time to speak with the parent(s) on their own, so students are not expected to be present.

K-Gr 6: At your scheduled time, you will click on the link for your child’s teacher. You will first enter a ‘waiting room’ and when the teacher is ready, they will move you into the main ‘room’ where you will be able to speak with them.

Gr 7-12: We are using the Zoom session as an opportunity for parents to be able to speak with more than one teacher, if you desire. At your scheduled time, you will click on the link for the high school teachers. You will enter a main ‘room’ where you will speak with Mrs. Atherton and be able to request to speak with the teachers of your choice. You will then be moved into a side ‘room’ with either your child’s homeroom teacher, or the teachers of your choice.

*If you are unable to connect with us with Zoom, please reply to this message and we will schedule an alternate time for you to come meet with us in person.

^ How to join a Zoom meeting:

A. Click on the link provided OR

B. Join with the meeting ID

1. Go to

2. Click "Join a Meeting"

3. Type in the Meeting ID

4. Click Join

Thank you for trying something new with us. Please call or email us if you have any questions!


Mrs. Atherton