Bussing update

Hello Parents,

After school today we received notice that Standard Bus has room for all of our usual students. I know this will come as a relief to several of you (and maybe more!). We are thankful to be able to use their service. Unfortunately, it does come at a cost to you. For those of you who spoke with Mrs. Siller and asked to sign up for bussing, she will be sending out invoices so we can pass the funds on to School District 59.

A few items to note:
We still need to confirm availability for those only wanting to use the SD59 busses for an in-town transfer route and other unique situations. We will attempt to do this soon and contact you individually.
– Bus drivers will be handing out a registration form to all students. Please return this to them as soon as possible.
– Masks: our requirement is for Grade 5 and higher to wear a mask on the shuttle bus. Standard Bus requirements may be different than our shuttle bus for the middle school ages. Please ask the driver to confirm if desired.
– Please review the letter from SD59 regarding bussing for other details.

Thank you for your patience as we work through all the challenges that Covid has made us face. We appreciate the positive attitudes we have seen!

Kristin Atherton