PC Update

Merry Christmas!

A few items of note:
1) Bottle drive is winding down…..you can take your bottles in to the depot and have the money put into the PCS account right there!! This may make it easier for you. We are still aiming for $1500. Every bottle refund counts!

2) Our recent Fundscrip order was $6170 which means a profit of $274.40 for the Expanding for Tomorrow project (Gym and new classrooms loan). Thank you so much for your support!! To all parent, and extended families of PCS students: Please consider purchasing gift cards regularly with individual orders (see PCS Website for instructions or call the school for info). Every card bought gives a certain percentage back to the school – groceries…hardware…fuel etc. can be bought using the gift cards. Participation in this program will really help in paying back our loan for the gym and classrooms that we are thoroughly enjoying.

3) Our last meeting minutes are posted as well as attached below. Please read them over. There are a few items that require some volunteer help. Mrs. Astleford needs some help in January with her sewing class – please let Mrs. Price know if you or anyone you know can help with this ASAP. Mrs. D needs something fixed in her classroom…again please let Mrs. Price know if you can help out.

Thank you for your awesome support!!

Nov 27 2019.docx