May Important Dates and Events

Monday, May 10 – Assembly @ around 8:50

§ Worship

§ Science Fair & Mom’s Pantry winners will be announced

§ Bridge Building prizes will be presented

§ Parents are welcome.

§ Lost and found items – claim your items

Tuesday, May 14 – Scholastic orders due

Wednesday, May 15 – Last day to claim your registration discount.

Sunday, May 19 – Amazing Book Challenge ends

Monday, May 20 – Stat – No School

Monday, May 27 – Ditch Clean-up. More information to follow. Parent volunteers will be needed.

Friday, May 30 – 7PM – POW (Point of Worship)– Everyone welcome

Important Notice: Loopee, Junior and Senior Adventure Races have been cancelled for this year. The volunteers are rebuilding the courses. If you would like to donate your time to help with rebuilding the courses please contact PCS. Looking forward to racing with you next year.