PCS Parent Committee Important Information – March 3, 2019

A little known fact is that March is “MOVE out those BOTTLES month!!” (Really, why not?;)

So for this whole month (which is really ½ a month if you are a student) round up your recyclables that will fetch a dollar, and round up your extended family and neighbors recyclables (with their permission of course)…..and take those BOTTLES down to the Bottle Depot for a refund. Then, (please), bring that refund out to the school.

Our goal is $550! To make this a very exciting activity we have created a “pop can” thermometer beside Mrs. B’s door, in which every Kelly Green can represents $25. So, if we reach our goal, that will reflect floor to ceiling pop cans!!

Watch for updates on email as we inch towards our goal!!

And…after Spring Break we will announce our grand total, and……after Spring Break we will also update you on the Mom’s Pantry success and present the 3 highest earners with their prizes.

Happy Bottle Collecting & Happy Spring Break!!

P.S. Parents – the grade 4 & 5 class made super thank you cards for the Parent Committee for all the work that is accomplished in the year….hotlunch helpers, milk helpers, field trip helpers and fundraising helpers. To see these cards – stop by the inside window after you come in the elementary entrance. Thank you Grade 4 & 5 Students!!