March Events & Important Dates

Thursday, March 8 – Grade 12’s are having a Bake Sale. Please bring your toonies and loonies to help support the Grad Fundraiser.

Friday, March 9 – Term ends

Friday, March 9 – POW (Point of Worship)

· Worship thought by Pastor D

· Skit by PCS students

· Performance by the Staff band

· Performance by the Jr. band

· Please come out and enjoy with your families

Tuesday, March 13 – Swimming forms due (K to Grade 6)

Wednesday, March 14 – Hot Lunch forms due

Wednesday, March 14 @ 6:30 PM – Parent Committee @ PCS. All parents welcome.

Thursday, March 15 – Lockdown Drill (with the RCMP)

Friday, March 16- Last day of school before Spring Break.

Friday, March 16 – Please check the Lost and Found before Spring Break, any items left will be donated to the Thrift Store.

Monday, March 19 – April 2 – Spring Break

Tuesday, April 3 – School back in session