As many of you know May was “MOVE out those BOTTLES month!!”

To date we have raised just a little over $210!! A huge thank you to all who have been out collecting up to this point.

Even though May is over, we are still accepting donations from collected bottles, o continue to round up your recyclables that will fetch a dollar, and round up your extended family and neighbour’s recyclables (with their permission of course) …. and take those BOTTLES down to the Bottle Depot for a refund. Then, (please), bring that refund out to the school. ☺ 

Thanks to Mrs. Landon for updating the thermometer! The “pop can” thermometer is just outside of Mrs. B’s door, so we can watch our progress to meet our goal! When you bring in your receipts from the bottle depot, please give them to Mrs. Landon or Mrs. Siller. 

Winners will be announced soon, and don’s forget that the top COLLECTOR will win a prize!  

Happy Bottle Collecting