Who Can Attend

Membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is NOT a requirement for admission to Peace Christian School.  Those students who have a desire to develop Christian characters and who are willing to support the standards of the school and comply with the regulations may apply for admission. Each student has the freedom to accept or reject these standards. Student behaviour that indicates a rejection of these standards may indicate that the student needs to consider alternatives to our school.

It is not the purpose of the school to act as a reformatory for pupils who do not have the ability or the desire to comply with proper rules of conduct. Only those who, in good conscience, can uphold the standards of the school should apply. Please consider our policies carefully before deciding to apply for admission to our school.

Cost to Attend

Program fees (non-refundable) for the 2020/21 school year are:

  • $280 for K-5
  • $325 for 6-9
  • $355 for 10-12

K-6 fee includes most school supplies.  Supplies (other than personal items; i.e.: inside shoes, water bottle) will be provided by the school.  Please see our school supply list for Grades 7-12.

As we are a charity, all fees will be receipted with a charitable receipt in February each year.  No monthly fee is charged for students attending PCS as the school is operated as a ministry of the Chetwynd Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Parent support is essential. Keeping PCS operating at a low cost is a responsibility we all share. The more parents we have investing time and financial resources in the program, the better the opportunities we will be able to provide for our students. Many hands really do make light work. We value our parents because they support in action, attitude and through financial support. This concept cannot be optional if we are to thrive.  See our parent committee page for more information about our parent support opportunities.

How to Attend

Registration is by completion and submission of these items:

Decision for admission of each student is by the school board.

Students who register and pay fees (non-refundable) for the 2019/2020 school year prior to May 15, 2019 will receive priority placement and a slight discount. Early registration enables us to better prepare for staffing needs for the following year.

See information about busing transportation here.